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Being in compliance has never been so easy

Greater precision for risk management

Return your compliance decisions most accurate by gathering key information processes from the know your customer, know your supplier, know your employee and know your associates. Optimize your time and mount DUE DILIGENCE reports with only a few clicks, know all the changes of a company’s corporate structure, make matches between suppliers and employees, and prevent for once all risks from money laundering, fraud and conflicts of interest.

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More security for the financial market

Eliminate business risks

Know who your customers are and prevent the risk of insolvency! Acquire more intelligence in your credit area with complete and totally relevant reports on new and current clients. Perform financial risk analysis by transferring credit to certain individuals and companies. Access all the company’s shares of a physical or legal entity.

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Automation of legal processes

Increase the productivity of your team

We have the ideal solutions studies for modern law firm and for agile legal departments. Easily follow the process accompaniment in the official newspaper and in the courts. Receive the reports in your email. Carry out in-depth history analysis of a certain company, from legal facts up to negative media information, visualize all the changes of the QSA (CORPORATE FRAMEWORK) and much more.

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Creating qualified leads

Increase the potential of your sales and marketing team

Access a huge contact database for the preparation of fully qualified email lists. Choose the company that is related to your person and segmentation strategy through information such as geographical location, billing, company size and much more. Definitely increase the potential of your sales team with our B2B prospecting solution. It still has several integrations with other systems such as Pipedrive, RD Station, LinkedIn and others.

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Prevent yourself against fraud

Get ahead of the organization risks

Map the main risks of a company with precision, agility and speed. Access a universe of relevant information for the assembly of an audit that prevents risks even before they happen. Information about people and companies is made accessible through upLexis solutions. Perform background check, due diligence and avoid fraud, deviance of conduct and money laundering crimes.

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Your data-oriented company

We improve processes in other departments

Our solutions have the capacity to serve any department that makes use of information for making decisions such as: human resources, purchases, supplies, comptroller, financial, registry and any other area with similar profile. We work with customizable solutions according to the demand and the need of each client. Talk to one of our consultants.

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Mirela Righetti

Legal and compliance manager

The UpMiner platform allows a fast, accurate and secure rising of information and news from our business partners.

Sergio Figueirêdo

Senior Manager | Risk Advisor

With good reference as a data provider from other Delloite area, upLexis has a great diversity of information.

Ana Silvia Barbosa

Lawyer responsible for the legal and compliance areas of Banco BPN Brasil

We needed a powerful tool that would aid us in automating research and consolidating information.